Northern Lights at Play Expo Manchester. Official machine pledges.

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Northern Lights at Play Expo Manchester. Official machine pledges.
Posted by replicas
Event City
Saturday, October 14, 2017 - 12:00 AM
Until: Sunday, October 15, 2017 - 12:00 AM
(Adjusted for timezone: Europe/London)

Upcoming dates
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This event has expired and has no upcoming dates


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Jul 21, 2011
Hi gang, well it's that time again that we need your machines to make the biggest show in the U.K. happen once again.
As you know if it were not for the kindness of the U.K. pinball community we would not have a show.
So what we want are your machines, preferably van loads of them.
What we can offer is for the first machine free entry for the weekend, every machine after that £25 per machine, so if you bring 7 machines that's free weekend entry to the show and £150 towards your transport costs. If you can bring more machines and are traveling a distance and are hiring a van then please get in touch with me and we will do our best to cover all your costs.
Most importantly if you do pledge machines to our show you are automatically first in line with reduced entry fee to the after hours pinball lock in on the Saturday night. Last year's sold out so if the late night lock in is your thing then to guarantee a place , pledge a pin or two or even better a van full.
Also this year we are running a competition along withe the fun side of the show , so if you are loaning pins please let me know if you are OK with them being played for fun and also entered into the comp. All machines will be available for everyone to play on either day and won't be locked away for companies play only. Just let me know if you don't want your machine to be in the comps.
So come on guys and get those machines pledged to the U.K. 'set biggest and best pinball show .
Thanks in advance, D.


Site Supporter
Jul 21, 2011
Games list 2017
NLP Event City Manchester.

1, Iron Man. C. @windoesnot
2, Wheel of Fortune. C. @windoesnot
3, Transformers , C, @stoptap
4, DE Star Wars, @Big Phil
5, Austin Powers, C. @Big Phil
6, Demo Man, @Big Phil
7, Fish Tales, C, @DRD
8, BSD Dracula, C.@crsedgar
9, Taxi, C. @crsedgar
10, Whitewater, C. @jagman
11, Medieval Madness, C. @shaunyboy
12, Junk Yard, C. @shaunyboy
13, X Files, C. @ailsaclunie
14, Bat Man Dark Knight, C. @ailsaclunie
15, Indy Jones WMS, C. @ailsaclunie
16, No Good Gofers , C. @replicas
17, NBA Fastbreak, C. @ailsaclunie
18, Funhouse, C. @ailsaclunie
19, Roadshow, C. @ailsaclunie
20, Congo , C. @replicas col.
21, Gilligans Island, C. @JMP col.
22, Tales from the Crypt, C. @JMP col.
23, Laser War, C. @JMP col.
24 , Indy Jones, my pinball's promo version. @replicas col. XXX
25, Addams Family, C. @PUP
26, Jurassic Park, C. @PUP
27, Mousin Around, C. @PUP
28, Pinbot, C. @PUP
29, Jokers, C. @PUP
30, Spectrum, C. @PUP
31, Queens Castle EM C. @Biff
32, Aerobatics, EM, C. @Biff
33, Circus, EM, C. @Biff
34, Nautilus, EM, C. @Biff
35, Mr 'n' Mrs Pac Man, C. @Biff
36, Iron Man, C. @Biff
37, Wizard, EM, C. @Biff
38, Robo Cop, C. Rob Denton
39, Star Wars DE, C. Rob Denton
40, Fireball, EM. C. @ronsplooter
41, Fathom, C. @ronsplooter
42, Lord of the Rings, C. @DanLewell
43, The Addams Family, C. @DanLewell
44, Black Knight 2000, C. @DanLewell
45, Avatar, C. @kevlar
46, F14 , C. @Wizards_Hat col.
47, TX Sector, C. @Wizards_Hat col.
48, Street Fighter 2, C. @Dazevo
49, Bone Busters, C. @Mooseman col.
50, Doctor Who, C. @Chris
51, Captain Nemo , Ad Jonker.
52, Hoops, Ad Jonker.
53, Aladdin's Castle, C. @Courtney Blush
54, Eight Ball Champ, C. Terry Sulivan.
55, Eight Ball, C. Terry Sulivan.
56, Black Jack, C. Terry Sulivan.
57, World Poker Tour, C . @Wayne J
58, Getaway, C. Terry Sulivan.
59, Iron Man, C. Terry Sulivan.
60, Avatar, Stern, C. Terry Sulivan.
61, Metallica Prem C. @Wayne J
62, Fish Tales, C. @mark9
63, Dirty Harry, C. @mark9
64, Bram Stocker Dracula, C. @mark9
65, No Good Gofers, C. @mark9
66, Whitewater, C. @mark9
67, Twilight Zone, C. @mark9
68, Tron, C. @mark9
69, Simpson Pinball Party, C. @mark9
70, Stern The Walking Dead Premium, C. @Matt Vince
71, BatMan 66, @Matt Vince
72, Theatre of Magic, C. @RGV col.
73, STTNG , C. @RGV col.
74, NBA Fastbreak, Mark R. Col.
75, Surf n Safari, Mark R. Col.
76, Road Kings , Nigek Lunt. col.
75, Jack both, Nigel Lunt, col.
78, Wizard of Oz, @Aidie Hufton PH stand col.
79, Twilight Zone, C. @Aidie Hufton col.
80, Addams Family, C. @Aidie Hufton col.
81, The Electric Chair with TAF , @Mooseman col.
82, Police Force, Nigel Lunt, col.
83, Pinball Magic, C. @replicas col.
84, Corvette,C. @replicas col.
85, Shak Attack, C. @mufcmufc
86, Johnny Mnemonic,C. @mufcmufc
87, Fish Tales,C. @mufcmufc
88, Rocky and Bulwinkle , C. @Big Phil
89, Star Wars Trilogy, C. @Big Phil
90, Guns 'n' Roses, C. @mark9
91, Scared Stiff, C. @cooldan
92, Tron Pro, C. @steve brum
93, AC/DC Pro, C. @steve brum
94, Spiderman, C. @steve brum
95, Radical, C. @steve brum
96, Champion Pub, C. @Kilgore
97, X Men, C. @Kilgore
98, Cirqus Voltair , C. @Kilgore
99, BatMan Forever, C. @Kilgore
100, Roadshow, C. @Kilgore
101, Congo, C. @Kilgore
102, Apollo 13, C. @Kilgore
103, Revenge From Mars, C. @aaronhicksuk
104, Terminator 2, C. @aaronhicksuk
105, Tron Pro, C. @gringo col,
106, Terminator 2 Chrome edition, @chris b PH stand.
107, Getaway, HS2 , @chris b PH stand.
108, Whitewater, @chris b PH stand.
109, Hobbit, PH stand,, collection from PH a.m.
110, Stern Star Wars, PH stand, collection from PH a.m.
111, Stern Star Trek Premium, PH stand, collection from PH a.m.
112, Monster Bash, players. PH stand, collection from PH a.m.
113, Monster Bash, mint, PH stand, collection from PH a.m.
114, T.B.A. collection from PH a.m.
115, T.B.A. collection from PH a.m.
116, Medieval Madness Remake, Kirk Tilt, for PH stand.
117, Aerosmith, Kirk Tilt, for PH stand.
118, Dialed In, Kirk Tilt, PH stand.
119, Stern Elvis, C. @Andy B
120, Centaur, C. @Ruk
121, Funland, EM. @DAD
122, Medusa, @DAD
123, Twilight Zone, @Andy B , (@Garry Sp8 )
124, The Getaway HS2 , @Chris
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Oct 26, 2014
Overly competitive nutters kick them. Slam them. Slam down on the glass. Death save them.

It is only fekkin Pinball for christ"s sake.


Site Supporter
Oct 26, 2014
Some fella smashed the glass on a game down south a couple of years ago. It did not slice important arteries though.


Well-Known Member
Sep 9, 2011
That kind of abuse is not something that is tolerated, either inside or outside of the competitions.

Regardless, I think Phil's comment was more in line with checking the machines are of a sufficient quality for the competition. For the comp especially we could do with machines that play consistently, and reliably. That doesn't mean only shiny and new machines, just machines that will ideally last the weekend without needing tweaking or repairing.


Sorry, I didn't want to put people off loaning, just trying to establish why you thought people might not want their machines in competitions.

Do you have any plans to improve upon last years show? I would ideally like to go as its just up the road but I didn't particularly enjoy last years show as it was near impossible to get on any of the machines. I think I played about 10 machines (mostly ones nobody else wanted to play) in 6 hours and I only went for the pinball. Which to be honest isn't great. Some sort of queuing system? Time limit? God knows...


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Aug 10, 2014
Ideally comp machines need to be setup difficult to prevent overly long games, especially when the better players are on them. Joe Public wouldn't really notice much difference between a machine set normal and one set for comps


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Sep 9, 2011
The machines always get busy. The queuing system is just to stand behind the machine you're waiting to play. Doesn't usually take more than a minute or three.

The etiquette is that once you've finished your game you make way for anyone waiting, or if you're feeling sociable, ask the person waiting if they want a two player game :)

You'll occasionally find newbies (or kids) who have accidentally started a 4 player game, or don't follow etiquette. In those cases a polite explanation may help, or find a crew member if you suspect a repeat offender


Mmm yeah, I recall all these suggestions from after last years show. But frankly, most people these days don't give a **** that someone is waiting to play.


Well-Known Member
Aug 10, 2011
it's a show that it predominantly non pinheads and one of the reasons I help make it happen, I want other people to enjoy pins too.Consequently they may not fully understand pinball etiquette.However I am finding it very hard to believe u only got to play ten games.I have been an avtive show organiser /attendee for 16 years and been to ram packed shows,and what you quoted seems very highly improbable.
Likes: Wizcat


I'd have to go back to my original posts on the subject a year ago. But 10 machines is on the high side of the estimate. I had a good run on Mousin Around as I recall. Apart from that it was a complete washout.


be slightly more assertive mate, this thing will happen at any event on the planet
Thats the weird thing. I'm fairly intimidating if I want to be. Studied Israeli Military Krav Maga for many years. You'd want to hurry up and finish your game really...


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Oct 6, 2015
I need a better system this year. Last year I kept wandering from one side of the building to the other playing Pins that were not being used. It was only when I got home and reading on here that I realised I had missed out on playing loads of the better Pins :confused:. I think I'm just going to start at one end of the building and play them one by one, regardless of any queue, until I have had at least one game on all of them :clap:
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