Magic liquid 1, rusty parts, nil


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Oct 7, 2012
High Wycombe
I recently took on a project which was pretty rusty. Here's a container filled with most of the smaller playfield parts.

rusty parts.PNG

The hardest parts to replace are the hex posts which are nearly impossible to get hold of, and I thought they were a gonner. Even so, I decided to try some Hammerite rust removing liquid. It's a green liquid that you dilute 9:1, and then leave stuff in it to soak for about 36 hours. Slowly the liquid loses its greeness as it gets to work. So in went all of the above.

After that I tumbled it all in a tumbler and some Brasso for 5 days.

Here's the result:

rustyfree parts.JPG

Basically everything came out pretty much pristine, including the hex posts. I'm amazed at how effective the combination is, with minimal effort on my part.