Sold Lovely Attack From Mars (Original) Price Drop - again. Now £5,995

Garry Sp8

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Sep 10, 2013
After many years of owning this title (I've had around 5!) I managed to get this outstanding example. I am now finding that I know the game inside out and tend not to play it although everyone else that comes round always wants to play it!
So I think the time has come to let it go. I got it late 2016 and here is the list from when I bought it:
  1. New cab decals bought from Australia.
  2. Cab redecalled by Darren (Replicas).
  3. All cabinet metal work powder coated black: Legs, rails, lockdown, (new) VUK & Coindoor.
  4. New Mirco playfield (2 older pf's are now wall art).
  5. Red mirror blades.
  6. UFO pinball mods - Saucers & Expansion.
  7. ColorDMD
  8. Makrolon Playfield protector fitted, so the playfield has never actually seen a ball!
  9. New green targets x7.
  10. New supposedly limited edition red ramps from Australia, and i went a bit further but getting the crappier blue metal flaps removed and adding pinbits steel flaps instead (special thanks to @Paul)
  11. Pinbits strobe bulb.
  12. New diverter gates from Australia.
  13. Loads of new nuts/screws/bolts.
  14. New Green mothership plastic.
  15. GOSMOD mothership board, green & red effects.
  16. New higher spec capacitors on the Power Driver Board.
  17. New PinLED CPU board (got the original repaired for minor battery damage since).
  18. ALL new plastics and clear plastics.
  19. Fluorescent plastics from Freddy's pinball paradise, and some squiggles from Pinbits.
  20. Transparent acrylic playfield backboard cityscape thing (still needs to be lit with some LED strips from comet)
  21. 90% Comet insert LEDs, 90% comet Op-Max for GI and mainly Comet flashers.
  22. LED OCD board (can't have LEDs without one of these boards - it's WRONG).
  23. Tumbled all metal bits that were reused.
  24. Brand new pop bumpers (with green caps, not as per factory). I have new red ones too.
  25. Upgraded Flipper Fidelity backbox and cab speakers.
  26. Pinbits shaker motor.
  27. Flashing eye martians - not installed. Can't be ****d fitting them now.
  28. New SOL scoop and Mothership metal.
  29. New mothership spring mounting mech & crash solenoid.
  30. New Flipper plates, coils & mechs.
  31. Mostly new freshly burned 1.13B roms from Paul.
  32. Re-covered some but not all of the coil sleeves. I have lots of spare labels though!
  33. New "improved design" ball trough, old one is kicking about somewhere still.
  34. Strobe board caps replaced.
  35. Translucent Green buttons installed, but not lit up yet.
  36. Button wear protectors fitted.
  37. Backbox head bolts & front leg bolts are now red, just because.
  38. Clear or white rubbers all round, plus Super Bands.
  39. New AFM ramp & shooter lane metal from Cliffy
  40. And of course, 4 new balls
Since I've had it I removed the playfield protector because I didn't like the way it played and because of the mottled effects it caused.
I didn't like the green non standard bumper caps so fitted originals.
I fitted the martians with red LED eyes.
I fitted an LED strip on top of the acrylic backboard which works with one of the flashers
Fitted a Cliffy protector to the SOL hole.

If you want to look at the original For Sale thread it's here£7k-totally-rebuilt-new-pics-added.34924/

The pictures below are as it is now.
I'm after £6,250 for it.
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Steve Arnold

Jul 26, 2011
Wow looks amazing.
I had 2 of these about 5 years back. Got from an op. £300 and £500.
Sold them both for 3k as need cash to buy new boiler for the house.

If only I had kept them.

Good luck with the sale it’s a mint machine.
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Tony M

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Sep 17, 2018
Great game, loved my original and remake but something had to give, can’t keep them all. Wouldn’t surprise me owning again. This loaded, great machine that responds well to mods.

My afm-r going elsewhere.. (sniff)
I recognise that picture :)

Dave Bishop

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Jul 21, 2011
Sidcup, Kent
Finding it hard to resist this.. great looking game and I miss it..
The Munsters has my attention right now, and I should be finding out soon if I will ever see my TBL .