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    UK Pinfest - 25th & 26th August 2018

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    Thinking about Pinball ownership? Looking to shop about for a new Machine and want to play it before you part with your hard earned £££? Or just want an awesome day out??

    This is the best place to visit! Loads of machines from the old to the newest of new (Including the awesome Iron Maiden, and the BRAND NEW Thunderbirds prototype!)

    One weekend. Loads of machines. Be there.



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Mar 5, 2013
Kuranda Nth Qld AU
Maybe I got out the wrong side of bed this morning but having worked in the IT industry all my life and seen many skilled jobs offshored to country’s like India/Bulgaria/South Africa. Well let’s put it this way. Some of my views especially regarding manufacturing and jobs are in line with Mr Trump..
Please come and listen to my talk at Daventry Pinfest as I talk about this exact point.

I agree with your sentiments 100% and believe me, if I could have done this in Australia I most certainly would have - it would have been FAR less strain on me to do so but economically just not viable. Others have tried and it just doesn't work.


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Apr 7, 2013
I've been following Mikes work at Homepin via Facebook and it's pretty clear that doing anything in China is far from easy. Even things we take for granted like access to Facebook are harder to do in China so the fact he's managed to put a factory together, design a machine, build it (and many of the required parts) is pretty crazy. I really look forward to seeing it; i'm not a huge Thunderbirds fan but any new pinball is good in my book and when so much effort has been put into the building of the machine you really have to hope it gets the credit it deserves.