Concert/gig attending thread.....

He’s ace! @Kelauce and I saw him live for the first time last year and it was amazing. Crowd surfing in a dinghy :D
Yeah it's awesome when he gets the dinghy out There is some YouTube video of Brighton gig a few years ago and you can see me holding the raft up.

He basically tours the world constantly. I don't know how he keeps going. Bob Log we salute you sir.

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Oct 10, 2016
Again. I agree. I go to a gig a week on average, and usually in venues smaller than the Stones dressing room - Cabbage are good yeah, saw Hookworms couple times, not sure on the new album yet... Last time supporting my buddies band Slowdive On the worms tip... You heard Flatworms?

Tonight I'm seeing the awesome Charlie Parr, Minnesota blues/country dude...,,, and tomorrow Here Lies Man - check out their album if you get a chance, got someone serious heavy guitar grooves going on.
You’re pals with Slowdive?!?! Crazy For You is one of my all time fave songs! Pass on a huge :thumbs: from me!
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You’re pals with Slowdive?!?! Crazy For You is one of my all time fave songs! Pass on a huge :thumbs: from me!
:thumbs: Will do. I grew up with Simon as teens , thick as thieves , drinking, bands, gigs etc of my oldest friends. I'm so pleased for them how its all turned out , they are killing it right now :) My fave songs are Avalyn and Sun Hits.
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Didn't see Hookworms unfortunately. I thought they were playing together but the venue has two rooms nowadays so runs gigs at the same time. Bob Log III was amazing as always though

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Brilliant - good old Bob ! Glad he went rafting again :D The last time he played Brighton his dinghy had a puncture and he had to abort !

We saw the awesome Here Lies Man last night - they were so good they made me drink too many beers though. Today has been .... testing :rolleyes:

They are over from LA touring ..Leeds, Manchester , London this week if heavy Sabbath riffing meets afro beat grooves floats your boat. It worked for me :thumbs:



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Oct 16, 2016
Nice! Have a good time :D

We were meant to see FotC last night but with it postponed we had to make up with a general night out anyway.

Booked tickets for Ariel Pink last week so got that to look forward to later this year along with King Creosote, Superchunk, Limmy's Vines tour and League of Gentlemen live :D


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Apr 4, 2016
Off to see scuzz rockers Thee Hypnotics tonight :clap: Can't believe I'm saying that in 2018 :rofl:

Set everything to stun fellas

Thee hypnotics. Great band!
Update on my recent gigs:

Alabama three - were ok but not up to their usual greatness
Hookworms - if you like psychedelia then GO AND SEE THEM. Jaw dropping.
Public Service Broadcasting. Saw them in Oxford theatre. Very good indeed, quite emotional show, multimedia presentation of their coal mining album ‘Every Valley’

Lined up to see:
Hawkwind - with full orchestra at Bham Symphony Hall
Shame - if you like punk with a tune (think Oasis, but better with a hard edge), potential to be very big.
Killing Joke - long-time fan. 40th anniversary tour

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Jul 21, 2011
new cross
Off to take my boy to Download next month. He's very excited.

Was tempted to see Steve Tyler but the £100+ price tag is hard to swallow.

Anyone fancy going to see MC50 in London? I've got **** all chance of dragging my wife to the one.

Going to the Damned in Nov as a family outingo_O Nothing quite like hearing a small child sing "Sensible's a ******"


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Oct 26, 2014
I saw the Clone Roses on Friday night.

The Stone Roses is an extremely difficult band to imitate. The drummer is exceptional. The lead guitarist is also exceptional

The Clone Roses had a go, but the task was simply too much for them. No shame there. But if you want to listen to the Stone Roses, listen to the Stone Roses
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Oct 26, 2014
The Picturedrome is a fantastic venue.

It is in a time warp. Places like this used to exist all over the place in the 1980s. Not so many left now.

Bars dotted about the venue. Easy access to outside areas. A good view no matter where you are. A disco after the band is over. Real ale on tap ...
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Apr 14, 2018
Northern Ireland
Hi folks - apologies for a bit of shameless plugging, but my own band released our debut album earlier this year. The other three band members live in Glasgow. I'm normally the bassist (and occasional keyboards and wind player) and our female singer normally writes all the songs, but if any of you like electronica, then the one song on the album which I wrote and on which I play all of the instruments on is "Waiting For The Asteroid" which is basically an ode to the end of the world so that we can re-evolve without stuff like reality TV, 'entitlement' and Jedward. The band is Drinking Bird Experiment and the album is Killer Diller.