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Oct 26, 2014
Can anyone recommend a basic (free ?) video editor that will enable me to stitch MP4 files together.

Maybe chop a bit off the start and finish of the clips (not vital), maybe alter the volume levels so that it is pretty constant across the clips (not vital)

So when I press play, two or three clips will play one after the other so I do not need to tee them up individually

Nothing remotely fancy



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Jun 2, 2018
The Westcountry
HitFilm Express.

I use Pro now but I used the free version for ages before upgrading. It's an all-purpose compositing and editing tool.

Most of the videos on my YouTube channel are done in either Hitfilm Express or Pro.

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Pro -
Express -
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Sep 9, 2011
If you literally just want to stitch mp4 files together (no actual editing) then you can do that in command prompt

Press windows key, enter 'cmd', press return to get to command prompt, then type command like:

copy /b fileone.mp4 + filetwo.mp4 MergedFile.mp4

Where fileone and filetwo are the two input files, and MergedFile is the output that will be created.