In Progress Andy's Pin Garage

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Oct 24, 2015
London, UK
After finally realising I wasn't going to fit a pinball machine into my arcade garage without losing a few of my precious arcade machines. I decided on the only sensible option available. I needed a separate pinball Garage :) Fortunately there was a garage for sale about 100m from my house. Unfortunately issues with the lease, granting me permission to install a security gate held up the sale for four months! I finally completed in April and now have some progress at last.

After clearing all the rubbish out:-
Pic (1).jpg
Structural problems to fix:- :-(
Pic (2).jpg Pic (3).jpg
Walls Fixed and painting in progress (With a little helper):-
Pic (4).jpg
Any idea what is wrapped up?
Pic (5).jpg
Progress with insulation and wiring:-
Pic (6).jpg
Nearly ready for plastering:-
Pic (7).jpg Pic (8).jpg
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