“Well, it’s modded, he said”

Jan 4, 2018
Called a halt to the LOTR blingfest before I get so far away from “less is more” I come at it from the other side!

List of mods:
Palantir - since Jay not making more than the odd one for those that collar him at US conventions I shamelessly ripped off his design and made my own led-eye Palantir
Target decals - various
VUK overlay and cliffy for the shire/hobbiton
Led backboard/eye spotlight
Lit speakers with gold ring insert
Speaker upgrade
Shaker motor
10.2 Rom
Colour DMD
Yellow convolux protectors
Arwen protector - ramp version
Path of the dead mod with 4 different soldiers plus the king
Led staff for Gandalf
Led Balrog whip - installed needs connection
Mt. doom 3D LED mod
Blue led Sting
Silly old elf side graphics
Tilt topper - arrived today, last thing on, and literally “topped it off”!
Ring shooter mod
Every Cliffy - here - started fitting
Speaker panel eye graphic
Lower left habitrail brass ball-keeper mod - made and fitted (ball yet to fail to stay on!)
Full comet led kit with some custom colors - hooked to an LEDOCD board

I love it.
Some might think a bit ott I guess.
I had done some mods to previous collection in France - I made and installed a “falling building” for my Eathshaker once I read the code was there in the rom for instance.
I pretty much have @Spadge to blame for this lot though. He invited me over to his Uber-modded pinball universe!
Having seen his I left saying “I wouldn’t mind a LOTR ”. Two months or so later this is the result!

Anyone want my RCT ? Though every visitor preferred it on Bonfire night, I’ve got a hankering for an IMDN 😳

03164094-1CB4-4171-909F-F540ACBAEDBF.jpeg 9DCF05D7-F9E6-4D51-ADEF-7D91FBFCAE34.jpeg 3643423E-997D-440E-9EEE-7ED7F85061DB.jpeg 946F56E4-550C-46FB-A9A6-5B3EF1C70810.jpeg 6DC3A8D4-75A1-4EFE-8E70-B4FAA3D0FD5F.jpeg E80266A1-ACB7-4A57-A404-C5F4570F191A.jpeg
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Jan 4, 2018
Well, yes, I did get a “you could try this list” from Martyn a while back!
This included some gold / brass tinware, which I might still do.
Felt the need to back off for a bit and make sure I didn’t cross over into “tarts handbag” 🙈
I realise for many I may already have failed this test.
Too right on the instruction cards too... I have copied a few other peeps efforts onto my Mac, but might well try to do something more unique when I get the time and inspiration.

@Spadge make a list dear boy and I’m sure you will find willing volunteers to be mentored and trained 👍
I’m pretty sure that IMDN I somehow neglected to buy myself needs work. I just need a game or too to make a faults list...
Jan 4, 2018
Holy ****ity **** **** ****.
That's fecking way to much bling. I think the term less is more was meant for people like yourself.
I’ve thought about this and analyzed what I’ve actually done a little:

LEDs and an ocd board to make them look like incandescent is hardly a mod is it... just more reliable and less current consumption. A vault version would be like this for sure.
Ditto better speakers
The LE actually has the shaker / 10.2 rom
So far so “how it would have been specced had it been made last week”
I’ve done some stuff I’ve not even put on the list. This includes putting weapons in all the (factory) empty hands and a staff in Gandalf’s raised hand. This was pretty silly looking from the factory. So adding the 3 figures of the 9 fellowship members not on playfield doesn’t seem so far-fetched to me.
Colour dmd to replace a fairly cheaply made/dated dmd is hardly a mod these days.

Ok I’ve decided I’ve not done that much after all. Time to look at black/gold hammered effect tinware, colour matched pop bumpers (or even led skirts) and those apron cards 😈
You talked me into it @replicas

I’m actually quite embarrassed I missed some s#1t. Anyone got any more 🤪
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